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KEY ELEMENTS --------------------

  • 3000mg Pure L-Citrulline

  • 2500mg Hydromax (65% Glycerol)

  • 1500mg Taurine

  • 1000mg Agmatine Sulfate

  • 600mg N-Acetyl Cysteine

  • 30mg Vanadyl Sulfate

    The "PUMP” is described in biochemistry as transient reperfusion hypertrophy and it is the most powerful anabolic signal in our body!

    Get your muscles Locked and Loaded:

    This Stim-Free pre-workout has been designed with our Multiple Pathway Science (MPS) principle. With the right combination and clinical amounts of key ingredients designed to work together.

  • Proven combination of L-Citrulline and NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine), to dramatically stimulate Nitric Oxide Synthesis while reducing Arginase (for a perpetual pump)

  • Proven and clinical dose of NAC, that has been shown to improve the sodium/potassium pumps during exercise. (better muscle contractions, more power and less fatigue) Research has shown that subjects taking this exact dose where able to push out 30% more reps.

  • Hydromax and Taurine to optimize muscular hydration. Hydromax increases the pumps by elevating blood plasma levels. This combination can also decrease and maintain overall body temperature (overheating is one of the biggest key factors in fatigue)

  • Agmatine connects directly to specific cell receptors that relax the smooth muscles of the veins and create vasodilation (increased blood flow)

Vanadyl Sulfate is a potent insulin mimicker which prolongs insulin's effects on its target receptors specifically on the muscle cells. During exercise this means more glucose and amino acid transport into the muscles (Insulin is our most anabolic hormone)

Produced according to our MIGHTY standards:

  • Sugar free

  • Calorie free

  • Free of artificial Dyes

  • Free of fillers

  • Produced in a cGMP facility according to strict Health Canada guidelines

  • 3rd party tested for safety and ingredient accuracy and potency